NLP is about getting the results that you want!


Working with an NLP helps you to develop self- awareness, personal growth and achieve your goals.


Most people would like to achieve more or get different results in their lives, so what stops them?  Often it is a behaviour and often people don’t know how to change their behaviours or what is causing them to behave in a certain way.

All behaviour is preceded by a thought (thinking) this maybe conscious or unconscious, something that we tell ourselves or our life script.  The thought maybe positive or negative such as:  I’m capable of achieving this and then you take some action or, I’m not capable of achieving this and you avoid taking action.

Where do our thoughts come from and what causes us to think this way? Most of the time it is unconscious (conditioned thinking) as we generally respond to situations without fully engaging in what we are thinking.  We respond according to our belief systems, our values, our attitudes and these will then produce our behaviours and eventually our results.

Your values state what is important to you and what isn’t. Your belief system is dictating your perception or your reality, it’s ever changing set of beliefs, supporting or rejecting your ideas, your thoughts that come from your values. So, whatever your belief system believes to be true this becomes your reality.


If you want to make changes in your life whether it be in health – mental or physical, relationships, business, career or finances then we need to find out what drives us, what stops us and make the changes where it really counts at the unconscious level where you store your emotions, values and beliefs.


NLP can be used in Personal development:


  • Increasing self-esteem and self-worth
  • Setting specific goals and following through with them
  • Achieve your goals, dreams and ambitions
  • Change or break free from bad habits, limiting beliefs and behaviours
  • Take control of your negative, limiting beliefs and create powerful, positive new ones
  • Earn more money and improve your financial position
  • Give your life direction
  • Identify your purpose, goals and values


Managing specific challenges:


  • Overcome Anxiety
  • Overcome Depression
  • Releasing Stress
  • Mental health issues
  • Anger management
  • Grief/Loss
  • Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Weight loss
  • Stop smoking
  • Overcoming phobias, fears
  • Presentation and Performance
  • Parenting


Educational Development:


  • Managing Specific challenges
  • Behaviour
  • Exam nerves
  • Interview techniques

When working with a client I use a number of techniques and therapies, including Parts Integration Therapy, Time-Line Therapy and NLP to help them get the results they are looking for!


Time Line Therapy

Time Line Therapy (TLT) is a simple process that enables you to release inappropriate emotional responses such as fear, anger, sadness, guilt and hurt.  It also allows you to change any limiting beliefs (or excuses that you tell yourself) that stops you from achieving the life you want; examples:  you may say “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t make money” or “I can’t lose weight”.  When you keep telling yourself “I can’t do something”you are reinforcing a belief that is almost certainly not true!

These are decisions that we probably made when we were children on the unconscious level and they can be changed using TLT.

If you have a phobia TLT is very good at finding the root cause of the phobia and changing the way you think and feel about the phobia.

All emotions come from the unconscious or subconscious mind, which is why it doesn’t always make sense and why it is often difficult to let go of these inappropriate responses consciously.

Have you ever over-reacted to a certain situation and then wondered why you felt so strongly about it? Or maybe certain feelings keep being triggered from the past and you wonder why you just can’t let them go. Time Line Therapy allows you to let go of all the negative emotional baggage from the past and look forward to a happier future, by using a form of regression therapy.

The technique is easy and quick, after just a few sessions you will see the difference in how you react to other people. It will allow you to take back and be in control of your life. This model has been widely known as one of the most effective methods for creating quick, lasting changes in individuals allowing them to move forward with their goals and desires.



I loved the practical steps, exercises and focusing on future goals using ‘Time Line Therapy’, it has given me the tools to achieve my goals. I would recommend it.  

Tracey (Guildford)