Life Coaching can change your life!

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How can Life Coaching help you change your life?


Are you stuck in a rut? Working in a job where you feel unfulfilled or stuck in a relationship that isn’t growing.  What keeps you there, maybe you think you don’t have any control over the situation and that things will change if you say nothing or maybe you accept that this is how it is and that you don’t have any choice.  Do you live on the cause side of life where you create your life, recognise you have the ability and then take responsibility for achieving your results or are you on the effect side of life where you make excuses and blame others, or other things for not achieving the life that you want such as: “He made me angry” or  “I had no choice”.  We always have choices but often we believe that others are responsible for how we respond or behave!


What influences you and what can make the difference?


Let’s take work for example and ask the questions:

1.     Is the environment that you work in a healthy and safe one, are there good vibes and does it have an impact on how you feel, do you enjoy going to work.  Are you part of a team, if so, do you feel a valued member of the team or is there conflict?  Maybe ask yourself now am I content here, do the people I work with support me and allow me to be autonomous and grow, or do I feel stuck?


2.     Let’s look at behaviour, how do you behave at work and what results do you get from your behaviour.  Do you feel you can be yourself or are you having difficulty being heard or valued, if so, how does this impact on your confidence or self-esteem?  Does it make you feel good and motivate you, or does it make you feel worthless and under-valued?


3.     Do you have the skills or capabilities to achieve the results that you want? Does your boss recognise these skills and willing to invest in you as a person to further develop your skills and capabilities?  What would you need to do in order for you to develop your skills and increase your capabilities? Change your behaviour maybe or change your environment?


4.     Does the job and the environment that you work in fit with your beliefs and values or is there a conflict.   Does your employer’s behaviour, culture and mission align itself with your beliefs/values that you hold to be true, good and respectful? Most people feel they want to contribute in some way, feel significant, respected and part of the company or the team.  Is that your experience or do you feel insignificant and de-motivated.  Motivation is driven my values!


5.     Do you know who you are and what you want in your life, this is about Identity.  Most people don’t even think about their own identity because they are too busy trying to be someone else and the roles we play to be accepted and to fit into society. This often stops us from fulfilling our own dreams and reaching our true potential.  That’s often why people stay in a job or situations that they are unhappy with, they may have a belief that says that other people are more important than them or people pleasers. Or they may believe that they have no choice and it’s too difficult to change.


At what level do you feel you are stuck? Is it your environment, the way you behave, the skills or capabilities that you have, the underlying beliefs that you hold about yourself or is it your identity (who you think you are and the beliefs that drive you)?


If you find yourself in a situation where you feel demotivated, undervalued and stuck in life then now is a good time to ask these questions and to find your true purpose in life and not accept second best.

“What is important to me in my life right now”

“What is stopping me from changing my situation”

“What do I need to do”

“How can I make those changes”

Think about how moving from the effect side of life (having no power and reacting others) to the cause side of life by being empowered and creating the life you want and deserve. Life Coaching can help you to facilitate that journey!


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