How Hypnotherapy helps with public speaking

Fear of Public Speaking

How can hypnotherapy help with anxiety when doing presentation or public speaking?


Have you ever been asked to deliver a presentation and felt yourself becoming anxious at the very thought of it?  You worry about how you will present your information, whether you will dry up, whether you will look stupid, whether people will laugh at you. WHERE DID ALL THIS FEAR COME FROM?  

All this starts way before the presentation day!

On the day your nerves are heightened as you talk to yourself in a negative way, you may recall images of yourself at school being ridiculed by your classmates or by a teacher.  Your mouth becomes dry, you get flustered and lose the flow of the talk as you start to reinforce your belief that you CAN’T do this and your mind goes blank. DOES THIS RESINATE WITH YOU?

Presentation nerves can originate back to early feelings of shame or embarrassment from childhood. While we in some cases can’t actually recall these ordeals, most are stored in the subconscious and affect the way we feel about ourselves; for instance, they may make us assume that we are sure to say something dumb in front of a group of people.

Social phobia and presentation anxiety are fairly straightforward and easy to take care of by working with a hypnotherapist.

After guiding the individual into a hypnotic state of relaxation, the therapist can begin to change these subconscious sabotaging beliefs with more valuable, positive suggestions about the way the person feels about social circumstances. Not only will this help the individual to feel more relaxed and positive when public speaking and sales pitches, but they are also going to experience enhancements in other areas of their life too, especially when they are free of past detrimental thoughts about themselves.

Clients often find that in just a few sessions they start to experience a difference in how they feel and react differently to social scenarios.

A hypnotic approach for presentation nerves could:

·       Feel wholly in control, composed and confident when giving a speech.

·       Take part in conventions, networking, and sales calls free from nervousness and dread.

·       Actually, feel self-confident when all eyes and ears are on you.

Find out now how presenting and public speaking can be rewarding!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published 21st July 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.