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Counselling ‘talking therapy’ can benefit anyone who is struggling with emotional difficulties, life challenges and mental health concerns.


Neuro-linguistic Programming or (NLP for short) is about how we communicate with ourselves and with other people

Life Coaching

NLP is used in business, teaching, sales, personal development, health, therapy, sport and in any area of your life where you want to make permanent changes.


This is a powerful process used to achieve rapid change – you need to experience it to appreciate the benefits.


Hypnotherapy can be applied to many psychological, emotional and physical disorders. Helping people to overcome addictions…


Nutritional therapy is a natural healthcare system that encourages the body’s own healing through the promotion of a healthy diet…

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on how quickly he gave up smoking with Hypnotherapy after only One Session!

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Natural Immunity Superior to Vaccine Immunity, CDC Study Finds
https://dailysceptic.org/2022/01/20/natural-immunity-superior-to-vaccine-immunity-cdc-study-finds/ via @LD_Sceptics

This is an interesting blog from someone who is not an antivax but offering a different perspective, it is non-judgemental, sane and rational #COVID19 https://dailysceptic.org/i-am-unvaccinated/

Who suffers when pubs/bars/ restaurants, Clubs & Hotels suffer…

Just some..

Dry Goods suppliers
Security companies
Hair salons
Beauty salons
Fashion stores…


Friend wanted to see their GP, feeling unwell. Told no appointments for two weeks. Paid to go private. Got a Zoom appointment the very next day. Logged on and lo! It was their NHS doctor who was too busy to see them earning a bit on the side. Root and branch reform needed

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