Stressed OUT?

Feeling Stressed

Are you feeling stressed 24/7? 

Are you suffering from overload?


Are you feeling stressed at the moment?  Nobody can escape the stresses and challenges involved in daily living. Our society is a busy one; many of us are becoming victims of high pressurised jobs, working long hours, juggling work with children and their schooling, social media, emails, internet, TV; it can become overwhelming.   If you are unemployed, then in all probability you have increased stresses such as finding work or other essentials like money, health factors, family etc.


For those who are lucky enough to be able to improve your lifestyle you may be able to help your symptoms, however most people struggle to fully escape stress and are unable to apply lifestyle changes on its own. Hypnosis is very effective at removing stress and that has been known for many years.


Many people would rather spend those extra pennies on the latest electronic device or seasonal bargain than on their emotional wellbeing. It is reasonable that we feel this way when we are feeling down and under stress but it is also worth looking at the way that stress physically affects the body if we don’t do something about it.


An individual can experience physical symptoms such as: heart palpitations, premature ageing of the skin, emotional eating leading to weight gain, or under -eating generating malnutrition, tiredness, insomnia, migraines and muscle aches.


There is also the mental effect which can have even more of an adverse impact on your health or way of life.


If you recognise these kinds of signs and symptoms you should think about seeking guidance. When you weigh up all of these serious unwanted side effects, the treatment becomes a lot more of an appealing course of action.  You may feel you are meeting an emotional need when you treat yourselves with material things, but really, we are only cheating ourselves, and our psychological health.


There is so much going on in all of our lives, who wants an extra burden? A hypnotic approach can remove stress from the picture. Wherever you are on the stress scale, there can probably be a type of hypnotic approach that will provide help to you.

Hypnotherapy allows you to work with the mind as a whole, to find and target the root of the situation and empower you to continue to make constructive change.


Why not put your mental well-being first!

It could be the best decision you make.

If you require further advice or interested in seeking help, then please either email or call Alma 01737 812498

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published 16th June 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.