NLP & Hypnotherapy for Weight control

Weight Loss

Are you tired of dieting?

Always looking for the latest Fad diets thinking this one will work?

You’ve tried every new diet plan going, lost lots of weight and then put it back on again, does this sound like you?  It’s not just you. Many people worldwide who struggle to lose weight already know that following fad diets are rarely successful.

Even when you do lose weight after dieting, the lost pounds are often gained back within a few weeks or months.


For each new dietary fad, there are many followers ready to spend their hard-earned cash on diet substances, nutritional supplements and whatever else is required to help them achieve the results promised.

So, what exactly is going on deep inside the mind of a serial dieter? 

Some people learn improper habits as children, our parents or peers do this with the best intention.

·       We are told as children to clean our plates, even if we are full

·       We are told we are ungrateful if we don’t eat everything on the plate

·       We are told people are starving in the world and if we don’t eat everything we are wasting food.

·       Food may have been used as a comforter

·       Food may have been used as punishment

·       There may have been emotional issue around food at mealtimes (arguments)

·       You may have been told that you are chubby or you need to go on a diet from a young age, this can set up a pattern of ‘yo yo’ dieting.

·       Or that you are too thin and need feeding up.

·       Your role models may have had issues with food (always dieting or always overeating)

Advertising on television and at the cinema is commonplace, and most billboards and adverts contain subliminal sales messages about food.

You also grow up possessing a reinforced mindset of ‘we all should have an indulgence now and then’, which can cause comfort eating and a shared sense of ‘naughtiness’ whenever we indulge in something we know will reinforce the problem.

There are many reasons why food is playing a huge role in your life when it comes to weight control.   All or none of these examples above may have contributed to your increase in weight, however they are just a tiny number of contributing factors we encounter in our day-to-day lives.

What can you do now to change your unwanted behaviour?

Obviously, you will find people who have no issue with weight gain at all, they are the lucky ones! but some of us need a little help.

Sometimes good intentions and good old-fashioned self-control are just not good enough. Put simply, conscious motivation is rarely enough to cope with the countless deep-seated issues pertaining to obesity or weight problems.  NLP & Hypnotherapy for weight management can help you overcome these issues.

NLP & Hypnotherapy has been shown to be beneficial with weight management, you may discover the issues that have caused unwanted weight gain and learn to control them long term.  It helps re-programme the subconscious part of your mind that has effectively been strengthening all of the unfavourable behaviours you’ve been fighting for so long.

So rather than continuing with the shedding of weight while ‘on’ a diet and then increasing the weight when you come ‘off’ the diet (vicious circle), NLP & Hypnotherapy will help you shed the pounds, and keep them off.


Let’s get started, what are you waiting for?

Once you discover what is driving your unwanted behaviour the benefits will affect every area of your life.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published 29th September 2014 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.