No, you can self-refer by emailing or phoning

You may have been thinking of therapy for a long time and the thought of starting therapy can be daunting.  The first session gives you the opportunity to see whether you feel comfortable with my approach and whether we would work well together.   I would normally explain my approach to therapy and

do my best to answer any questions you may have. I will also ask some questions about you, what brings you to therapy and what your initial worries are.  When the session has ended and if you feel comfortable we can agree to work together, or you may decide to think things over in your own time before committing to another session.

The sessions are usually 60 minutes for individuals and couples, which normally gives you the opportunity to talk about anything, but can be extended if you wish and this is negotiable as some people are busy and prefer longer sessions.

This would depend on your situation, the type of therapy you have come for and the difficulties you bring, for example when using NLP, Life Coaching, IEMT and Hypnotherapy you would normally see results a lot quick than using counselling such as ‘psychotherapy’.  Any type of therapy does not always offer immediate solution to any long standing emotional or often, painful problems. There is no upper limit to the number of sessions, you may continue for as long as you feel the sessions are of use to you.  Your progress we will review together probably after the 6th session and at regular intervals if we need to continue.  Sessions are normally weekly or fortnightly and often when someone has completed a course of therapy they will often maintain regular monthly or 3 monthly visits.

As a member of NCS, ANLP, NCH, IEMT and CNCH, I offer a high standard of confidentiality.  Anything that is discussed throughout the session will remain confidential and I will not give out any information to your doctor or anyone else without your sole permission.  Any notes that are taken throughout the session will be kept in a secure place.  I am bound by the GDPR 2018 act regarding data protection.

These are Professional registered organisations to ensure that members adhere to Ethical Codes of Practice:

NCS – National Counselling Society

ANLP – Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NCH – National Council for Hypnotherapy

IEMT – Integral Eye Movement Therapy (practitioner)

CNCH – Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council

Initial consultations are normally face-to-face and then we can organise SKYPE sessions.

You can book an appointment via my email address: alma@mindserenity.co.uk or call me on: 01737812498 (H) or 07759149326 (M)

Counselling – £60 per hour individuals and £80 for couples


IEMT – £60 per hour


Life Coaching – £80 per hour

Concessions are available for packages booked, see below:

  • Longer sessions – 3 hours if you want to work on a specific issue
  • Full day – Breakthrough session 6 hours (with a 30 min break)
  • Weekly sessions 6 -8
  • Monthly Coaching sessions over a period of 12 months – offering transformation over a longer period
  • Nutrition & Wellbeing packages to improve your health


For NLP, Time Line Therapy or Hypnotherapy

  • Initial consultation usually 1.5 hrs. to take a full history of the presenting problem £95
  • £65 per hour – per session usually lasts 1 hour
  • Weight Loss programme using NLP/Hypnosis – 6 sessions £325 (pay for 5 and usually the 6th session free)
  • Smoking 1 session – 2 hours £150 (with follow up session included if necessary)

For Nutritional Therapy

  • Initial consultation 1.5 hours – full history taken £95 (this include follow-up written Action Plan)
  • Follow-up visits of 1 hour – £60