How will it work?

By using specific techniques we can get to the root of what’s causing your problem, enabling you to change your behaviour and empowering you to think differently. The methods used are practical, fun and produce rapid results. Hypnotherapy, NLP & TimeLine Therapy helps you to look at life and think differently.

Example 1:

Your partner asks what you would like for your birthday and you say, “I don’t mind” but in reality there is something that you really want.  Then when your partner buys you something and its not what you want, you are disappointed or upset because you expected him to know what you want!! Can he read your mind? Sound familiar?

Example 2:

This is the story of the 2 Monks and a woman (Zen story)

2 monks were strolling by a stream on their way home to the monastery on a warm sunny day. As they were preparing to cross the river they noticed a young woman very distressed attempting to cross, she asked if they could help her.  These monks were prohibited to touch a woman let alone carry her.

The senior monk picked her up and carried her on his shoulders across the stream and put her down on the other bank, the junior monk was very upset at his actions but said nothing.  They both continued to walk on and sometime later the senior monk noticed that his junior was very silent and enquired "Is something the matter, you seem upset?"

The junior monk replied, "As monks you know we are not permitted to have contact with women, how could you then carry that woman on your shoulders?"

The senior monk replied, "I left the woman a long time ago at the bank, however, you seem to be still carrying her."

What is the lesson here?

The older monk with his mind free assessed the situation and responded to it, he then continued on his way without giving it another thought.  The younger monk was not free as he was bound by his ideas and beliefs, instead of talking about it at the time of the incident and letting go of his views he held onto them, becoming more and more angry missing the opportunity of enjoying the rest of the journey.

In order to evaluate a situation requiring a decision, the mind must be open to the possibilities. Being anchored in the past restricts the choices. 

If you don’t tell a person what you want or how you feel then how do they know? You cannot read someone’s mind and in the same way they cannot read yours!

By making assumptions based on your own experiences, you may not tell someone for fear of rejection, being ridiculed or laughed at. You may lack confidence or harbour feelings of not being good enough or worthy enough.

NLP will help you to communicate more effectively by enabling you to change outdated patterns of behaviour and find more effective ways of communicating with others.

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